Our journey with a leading north African bank, highlights how VALUE seamlessly integrated technology and expertise to drive transformative changes across multiple fronts. We addressed multiple facets of their banking ecosystem, weaving technology and strategic insights to redefine the future of banking.

Our work focused on 4 main pillars:

1. Digital Transformation: Navigating the Digital Frontier
We crafted a 5-year digital strategy to position the Bank as a frontrunner in the digital banking landscape. With detailled planning, we implemented the technical foundations that would support their vision. We established a full-scale digital factory. This factory, operating with agile squads, became the engine driving the delivery of cutting-edge digital products, leveraging Backbase Engagement Banking Platform, not only for the Retail but also for Corporate banking.

2. Advanced Analytics: Turning Insights into Action
Understanding the nuances of customer behavior is a pivotal advantage. We undertook a deep dive into the Bank’s customer churn patterns, leveraging data to predict and identify at-risk customers. Armed with these insights, we formulated strategies to enhance customer loyalty, strengthening customer relationships.

3. Data-Driven Revolution: Where Insights Shape the Future
We embarked on a mission to evaluate the Data Maturity, laying the foundation for a strategic Data Plan that harmonized with both business and IT strategies. To keep pace with evolving regulatory requirements, we implemented robust Business Intelligence solutions. These solutions were keys to regulatory compliance, ensuring the Bank operated at the highest industry standards.
We also built an Enterprise Data Warehouse and we initiated a Data Governance program to be align with industry-standard data quality and security practices

4. Strategy & Advisory: The Versatility of Expertise
We provided strategic guidance and conducted benchmark studies on diverse topics. This included crafting strategic plans and benchmarking various areas such as payment methods, international transfers, sales strategies, and electronic signatures.
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