We Drive Impact Across Industries

Some of our references


For a leading retailer: Enhancing Retail with Data Insights

  • Identified Advanced Analytics opportunities and created an implementation plan.
  • Set up the necessary infrastructure to support use cases.
  • Delivered end-to-end solutions, including dynamic pricing strategies.

AI-Powered Solutions for a Fintech

  • Leveraged cutting-edge Generative AI technology to revolutionize our solutions.
  • Applied Generative AI to accelerate workflows, enhance data quality, and generate real-time Alerts & Reporting.
  • Utilized advanced technologies such as Elasticsearch for efficient data indexing and search.

Defined digital and data strategies for Life & Non-Life insurance.

  • Defined digital and data strategies for Life & Non-Life insurance.
  • We leveraged our Value Integration Platform to deliver Life & Non-Life digital products
  • Implemented the Value Employee Engagement platform with features like Training materials and HR services.

For an Asset Manager Advisor:

  • We leveraged Exodia to integrate several diversification strategies to optimize a financial asset portfolio.
  • Backtesting of these strategies was executed through Exodia to validate effectiveness and potential returns.
  • A ‘Risk Metrics Framework’ was implemented, with 15 key risk indicators, enhancing Exodia’s risk management functionality

For a financial institution:

  • Developed AI-powered reporting solutions to significantly accelerate analysts’ processes, enabling quicker report generation through AI driven insights.
  • Leveraged the Financial Analysis module of Exodia to craft a customized platform tailored for in-depth market stock analysis and the generation of multiple analytical reports