We built solutions to accelerate digital transformation

Our Digital Integration Platform is a foundation to develop, package, test deploy applications and services;
Already successfully deployed in various context and sectors, this solution has accelerated several digitalization programs

The platform serves as a unified basis for all implementation projects, composed of software assets and components that implement a single well-defined function that may be reused. This approach significantly shortens software development time, leading to greater time and cost efficiency. Furthermore, the existing platform comes with comprehensive documentation and quality assurance, ensuring a seamless and reliable digital transformation journey

Our Digital Integration Platform is a strategic enabler for organizations looking to navigate the complexities of digital transformation with efficiency, security, and agility.

  • Accelerator: A base layer to implement cost effective digital programs
  • Secure: Provides necessary isolation and security features
  • Scalable & maintainable: Inspired from referenced architecture and best practices
  • Efficient CI/CD: From build to production deployment
  • Technology: Open-source based technology stack


We boost productivity with Generative AI

We have developed a virtual assistant solution that accelerate document processing and analysis. We leverage LLMs to build and deploy state-of-the-art virtual agent to provide users personalized and efficient services and thus improve customers satisfaction

Document processing

it’s capable of handling various document types, including text, websites and PDFs.

Analysis and summarization

It performs in-depth analysis and generates concise summaries, saving time and effort.

Sentiment Analysis

Advanced sentiment analysis capabilities provide valuable insights into customer sentiment and feedback.

Virtual assistant builder

By connecting smoothly to the client's IT ecosystem, the virtual assistant can analyze documents and databases and deliver accurate results.


We bring solutions for employee empowerment

Employees are organizations greatest asset. That’s why we have designed solutions specifically targeted at empowering the workforce.

Our platform supports productivity, collaboration, and communication among teams. We leverage data analytics to provide valuable insights into employee performance and engagement.

Better Employee Experience through:

  • Engaging Communication: Foster meaningful and inclusive communication channels to keep employees connected and informed.
  • Instant Access: Provide a digital channel for immediate access to services

Tailored approach for Skill Enhancement:

  • Mapping of competencies and design of development plan
  • Access to training content to address personalized needs

AI-empowered employees:

  • AI tools to support the workforce
  • Virtual assistant optimizing access to information